Uganda is a good year-round destination, but the rainy seasons (March to May and November to December) can make logistics a little tricky.

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Nyungwe National Park

Eating Luwombo in Uganda

There’s plenty of it served in banana leaves. Very nice. Outdoor-ish seating under parasols and relaxed atmosphere.

Luwombo is an authentic and good Ugandan food. Highly recommended if you want to try local food but you are tired of street food and its eally cheap!

“Enjoy African soul food in Uganda, steamed to Perfection, Luwombo is a Healthy Dish with a Touch of Home”

For all you foodies out there you must. There is a variety of food to choose from, this is the true African Soul Food, Enjoy!!


Black lines run down a gold banana leaf. A string is tied around the top ends of the leaf, like a neck tie, creating a pouch. The unknown contents of the immaculately wrapped pouch – and the accompanying aroma – raise curiosity.

This is the traditional way of making luwombo, a unique mixture of sauce and a variety of ingredients enveloped in a banana leaf and then steamed over a fire for hours.

Making luwombo calls for careful preparation.

“You don’t simply cook it,” “You assemble it.”

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