Uganda is a good year-round destination, but the rainy seasons (March to May and November to December) can make logistics a little tricky.

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Nyungwe National Park

Rolex in Uganda

Rolex – the Favorite Fast Food of Ugandans consumed for Breakfast – Lunch or Dinner

Rolex – few Ugandans wear one – but eat them – Rolex – the Favorite Fast Food of Ugandans can be found anywhere in Uganda, street vendors make it, it is sold as Road-Side Food, it is a rolled Chapati filled with Scrambled Eggs, Vegetables, even Sausage or other meat.  Rolex has become the Fast Food of Choice in Uganda.

Enjoy a Rolex in Uganda as part of your Foodie Adventure in the Pearl of Africa.”

Even CNN is getting in on the Rolex that you do not wear but eat.  CNN read the Article and contacted us asking if they could use the information here in an article called “African Foods-finally taking off” which they did with a quote from us and a link.

Rolex is a population food item in Uganda, combining an egg omelette and veggies wrapped in a chapati.This single-portion dish is quick to prepare, and can be eaten at any time of the day, from breakfast to a lunch or supper meal or snack. The name “rolex” comes from its method of preparation, with the chapati and the omelette rolled together (“rolled eggs”).

This idea originated from a chapati seller’s creativity in the Busoga region “the basoga” then the idea spread to Wandegeya next to Makerere University in Uganda, fueled by students who needed a quick meal because of time and budget limitations.

The delicacy soon spread throughout Uganda. It became a popular food choice for its combination of convenience, low cost, and taste


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